What is the CPIA?

CPIA stands for Provincial centers for adult education and training.

CPIAs are state schools established by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. The school offers Italian and foreign citizens adult education services and activities, considered as an element to encourage the personal, cultural, social and economic growth of all citizens.

Who can enrol in the CPIA?

All Italian and/or foreign citizens over 16 years of age can enrol.

Foreign citizens must be in possession of a valid residence permit.

Which courses can they attend?

The Educational Offer of CPIAs is mainly focused on three areas:

  1. language and social integration courses for foreigners (Italian L2);
  2. programs aimed at acquiring a diploma at the end of the first cycle of education (middle school diploma);
  3. functional reading and writing courses (foreign language courses and basic information technology).

Visit the Educational Offer (Offerta Formativa) to see which courses are available in a CPIA.

Who are the teachers?

 The Centres employ teachers appointed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, with specific experience in adult education.



Italian courses for foreigners: what type of certificate does the CPIA issue?

At the end of the courses and after passing a final test, the CTP issues an Italian language competence certificate (L2). 

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