What is is a website including all the active Italian language schools for foreigners in Milan. Schools are categorized according to the shared fields they are in so that you may take advantage of any differences and peculiarities between them.
On the School page, there is alsto the teaching material, which may be useful for studying the language and knowing the teaching methods used by the school; photos and videos will help you to properly understand the context and the activities offered by the school.

To whom does address? addresses all foreigners who need to find a suitable Italian course. It is possible to easily search from the home page by clicking here.
Moreover , also addresses all Italian language schools for foreigners, teachers, course organisers in order that they can share their own materials, communicate their activities, update their training proposals.

How do I search for an Italian course?

The easiest way to find an Italian course is to get onto the Home Page of the site inside the research page and select one of several proposed parameters.
For example, you may start searching for a course near your home. Bear in mind that in this site you will only find active Italian schools for foreigners in Milan, so you must type an address in Milan. Once you have typed the street name, click search and all the nearby schools will appear.
At this point you can start looking at the files for individual schools or further refine your search by clicking on the parameters for COST, LEVEL, TIME, CERTIFICATION. Refining your search will give you a complete list of schools that meet your specified parameters.
Example. I am looking for a school around Piazzale Loreto, with evening classes, possibly free.

However, if you already know the school’s name, all you need is to insert the name into the search bar and then click on the tab that will contain all the relevant details.

What are the Common European Framework levels?

See here.

What is the certification?

See here.

How can I contribute to

If you are a foreigner looking for an Italian language course, you can send us your comments and suggestions regarding the Site and its use, or if you have attended one of the Italian schools included here, do can send us your comments.

If, instead, you are a teacher of an Italian school for foreigners, you can upload and update your school’s page or send us any ideas and suggestions with respect to themes and materials that you think could be useful to put onto the site.

How can training proposals and their details be updated?

Training proposals are updated by Italian schools that are required to ensure data correctness regarding the schedules, costs and levels of Italian language courses they offered.

If I have to make a report?

If you want to make a report or a suggestion write to:

If I am an Italian school: how can I edit my web page?

If you are the person in charge of editing the page of an Italian school, you must first be a registered user.
Once you are logged-in, you will find yourself on the said page. You will then be able to decide, by selecting the drop-down menu, what type of material you intend to load and in which area.
If you want to update the training proposal, click on TRAINING PROPOSAL, choose the language you are writing in and then you can insert the relevant text into the known area and attach if necessary appropriate materials relative to the course starting.
If you wish to upload learning materials, videos, documents and so on, click on MATERIALS, choosing the language in which you are writing and then you can insert a commentary text to the material you are uploading and then attach them. If you wish to upload photos click on PHOTO GALLERY, choose the language in which you are writing and then you can enter a commentary text on the photo you are uploading and then attach it.
Warning! In the case of photos and videos remember to sign the attestation for filming people (click here to download).

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