Italian language and the rules
Recently, some regulatory measures have been introduced under the current regulations regarding immigration and the legal status of foreigners in particular the close link between knowledge of the Italian language and culture, and the possibility of having an issue or renewal of resident permits concerning long stay periods in Italy (e.g. EC Stay Permits for long-term stays, Work Permits, family related permits. ).

These changes have introduced a radical change in the approach by which the migrant, who intends to stay in Italy, must follow, not worrying anymore about the issue or renewal of his residence permit nor "having a job and a home" but also knowing the language and culture of the country in which he intends to stay.

The main changes to give substance to this new philosophical approach to immigration to Italy are:
•    granting of a EC indefinite long-term residence permit (formerly known as the residence card) upon passing an Italian language test at least at the A2 level for the Common European Framework
•    introducing an agreement for the integration of new long-term immigrants, the fulfilment of which is subject to the renewal of the residence permit.

Taken from Luca Bettinelli, What does the law say? Notes on the legal basis of  knowledge of the Italian language as a prerequisite for legal residency in Italy, "in The Italian Neighbourhood, edited by Graziella Favaro, Lombardy Region

Below are more on both the above-mentioned aspects.

Italian Language Test for the long-term EC residence permit (formerly the residence card)

Italian and Integration Agreement

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