Italianostranieri in Expo: All our services
Expo 2015 represents a great opportunity for the promotion of Italian language
and culture.
In fact, both Expo’s focus on the importance of nutrition for the
future of the humankind and its location in Milan, one of the most iconic cities
in Italy, make it the ideal setting for getting to know Italian language and
deepening your knowledge and understanding of the Italian way of life. 
Thanks to the widespread popularity of Italian food and cuisine, Italian language has
become a source of loan words all over the world so you may already be familiar
with some Italian expressions. In order to help you in adjusting to the Italian
lifestyle while advancing your knowledge of the Italian language, the City of
Milan (Comune di Milano) has selected five of the best Italian language schools
in town to provide foreign Expo staff and volunteers with the most complete
language training at competitive prices.

Comune di Milano and Expo S.p.A. are proud to offer you the following services:
- Italian language courses: Standard Italian Classes & Non-Stop Italian Classes
- Language Tandem
- Children’s World
- Registry Office for EU & Extra-EU Citizens

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