Italian and long-term stay permit

What is the Italian language test?

It is a test to show that you know Italian up to level A2 as per the Common European Framework.
For level A2 you have to be able to ask and answer questions about yourself, your family, work, the city in which you live, the things you want to buy and need etc.
There are 3 types of tests:
- listening, understanding and answering questions in a short oral test;
- reading, understanding and answering questions in a short written test;
- writing a short message, filling in a form etc.

Who has to do the Italian language test?
Foreign residents who wish to apply for a long-term European Stay Permit (ex-residence card)
To apply for a European Stay Permit one has to be: residing legally in Italy for at least 5 years, have an income and a suitable home for oneself and one’s family members.

Who does not have to do the Italian language test?

- Children under 14 years of age;
- someone who has serious problems learning the Italian language because of age or having a handicap or illness which has to be medically certified by ASL(the Local Health Authority);
- one who already has a certified level of  the Italian language at the A2 level issued by University of Rome 3, University for Foreigners of Perugia, University for Foreigners of Siena or Dante Alighieri Trust;
- one who has attended an Italian course at the Permanent Local Centre and has  been rightfully certified as being competent at level A2 for the Italian language;
- one who has received a lower-secondary or high school leaving certificate in an Italian educational institute or has attended an Italian university or has an Italian university degree;
- one whose activities are managerial or highly specialised, university professor, translator or interpreter, journalist or correspondent and hold a relative Stay Permit.
Please note that there is no test for people asking to update or to duplicate a EC stay permit.

How does one apply for an Italian language test?

You must submit the application, by internet only, via this site
The prefecture, within 60 days, will contact you at your contact address to tell you where and when you can do the test.

In Milan the test is held in one of its Permanent Local Centres.

Who can help you apply for the Italian language test?

In Milan the following offer such help:

- INCA support group
- ITAL support group
- ACLI support group
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